Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson hinted that her romance with sports star Tony Romo was coming to an end in a new interview with America’s Glamour magazine.

Despite her denials, insiders insist the couple has separated, and Dallas Cowboys star Romo has been telling his pals he’s no longer dating the singer.

And it appears Simpson saw the end of the high-profile relationship coming when she was interviewed for Glamour in March (08).

She tells the publication, “This article could come out and Tony and I could be broken up”.

And the rumours of a split have swelled after Romo was spotted partying with a bevy of beauties at a Chicago, Illinois bar at the weekend (10May08), while Simpson was working in Los Angeles.

One insider at the party tells Life & Style magazine, “He was surrounded by girls. We had to restrain someone who forcibly tried to make her way to his table… He zeroed in on one blonde all night, and that blonde wasn’t Jessica Simpson”.

The reported split comes at an awkward time for Simpson - her allegedly pregnant little sister Ashlee is to wed fiancee Pete Wentz this weekend (17May08).


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